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The Yali People

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The Yali people live in the Jayawijaya mountain range of Irian Jaya. This is stunningly rugged terrain, with rivers carving narrow gorges and steep-sided valleys. As a result of the spectacular and mountainous landscape, the Yali People did not come into contact with the modern world until the 1960's and 70's when the missionaries began penetrating these remote regions.

Like many isolated peoples, the Yali have maintained a fascinating and wonderful lifestyle that is sure to capture the imagination of even the most seasoned of travelers.

The Yali are a subsistence people, hunting from the surrounding rainforests, harvesting sweet potato and other crops on the steep slopes of their homeland. The Yali also raise pigs, which have a central function in religious and communal life.

Yali settlements are usually located on ridge-tops, where they were established in a time when war between the tribes made high vantage points necessary for defense. Conveniently for us they also offer breath-taking views!

Altitudes on this trip can range from 3500ft to 7500ft, encompassing a wide range of climate, topography, flora and fauna, and some of the most challenging and beautiful hiking that you will ever have the opportunity to experience!

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